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    There should be an option for Ronix on the board manufacturing drop down menu….

  • Board is manufactured by Ronix even though it doesn’t say so under the manufacturer as they don’t have an option for Ronix. This board is a nice easy ride. Not quite a long board as you can carve all you want with […]

  • This board is extremely fast and squirrely. It is pretty much a skim board but my wife rides it with one fin. You can set it up with 1, 2, or 3 fins. The board is very light and thin and maneuvers anywhere you […]

  • I really like this board overall. It’s very responsive and fast when needed. Also very stable. The fact that they have made this board for four straight years shows that it is popular and a solid board.
    The o […]

  • We use no wedge for a longer wave and occasionally put a 400 lb fat sack next to the driver for an even longer wave.
    We engage the wedge for a very steep wave and occasionally place the 400 lbs fat sack in the […]

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